Vaporizer Package Deal


EGO-T 1300mah Silver Battery and MT3 Clearomizer Atomizer with USB Charger in a black case. 

We made a special deal with the manufacturer so we can offer this superior Vape Kit for a fraction of it's normal price of $65. For only $29 and $5.95 Shipping and Handling you can enjoy a truly superior vaporizing experience. Just add your favorite flavor of e-juice and this will get you going!

MT3 Clearomizer Specifictions: 

  • p02-3-live.jpgFits Ego series (and all other 510 thread) electronic cigarette
  • Detachable, convenient to use, easy to fill with E-liquid
  • No cotton wick no hole, heating from the bottom
  • Inhaler is transparent color
  • Special designed visible window, you can see the e-liquid when you are filling and using it
  • Capacity: 2.4 ml
  • Resistance: 2.4 Ohm
  • Size: About 6.4 x 1.4 cm (Length*Diameter)

EGO-T Battery Description:

  • po4-live.jpgWhen fully charged, the battery powers over 800Puffs
  • Silver color
  • 1300mah
  • 510 Thread
  • USB Input: DC 4.5-6V 500Mah
  • USB Output: DC4.2V 400Mah
  • USB Port : 5V Adapter / Computer USB Port / Vechicle DC output 5V



 Package includes:

(1) EGO 1300mah battery x 1pcs
(1) MT3 Clearomizer x 1pcs
(1) USB line charger x 1pcs
(1)Empty Needle Tip e-liquid bottle
(1)Black Case


Only $29
+5.95 S&H